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kurumsalOur Clinic giving service more than ten years in İstanbul using the newest technique saims to solve hair problems in a natural and a esthetic outlook, is always stands near its guests in each step of the procedure with its genial and specialist staff.

Hair which is always on the target point of the human admiration, has been the most importantpart of the beauty, youngness, strength, myhts and fairy tales.

We work with the knowledge of the reasons brought you to us.

Although hair transplantation is more comfortable and healthy with the new developed methods, it is a kind of operation needs to be done carefully and detailly  by experienced doctors. Dermatologist Dr. Vefa Gonenç mentioned that hair transplantation done through the natural growing side and direction of the hair, fast transfer of  hair roots in a short time, explaining  be foreand after procedure are the most important factors of the operation. Hair transplantation needs local an esthesia, that is why it must be done in hospitals in an operating theatre with a leadership of a doctorand his team. If this procedure is done by unprofessional people, it could be possible to come across with both health complications and aesthetic problems.


This is a very aesthetic and natural Outlook method developed in recent years.

Hair rootsare take noneby one by micromotors with special needles under local anesthesia and submit on the areas with no hair in attention to the direction and growing side. Nowadays, most of the hair transplantation operations are done with FUE technique.

Hair transplantation gives great results if it is doneby a professional team.


1- Procedure is doneby the help of micromotor, without giving any damage on tissues  with only getting hair follicule
2- There is nocutor stiching on the area hair is taken, scars much smaller than 0,6-0,7 mm formed, these scars dissappear in few days and recover whitout leaving any marks behind.
3- These grafts taken from the back of thene ckareused not only in hairt ransplantation but also in eyebrow, moustache and beard transplantation as well.
4- Depending on the convenience of the hair and number of the roots which will be transplanted, between 3000 – 6000 grafts could be taken in one session.
5- In each graft, there is hair in between 1 to 3 piece. 1 grafthair is acknowledged as 2 to 2,5 hairpiece
6- Depending on the number of the rootsand the gap, it ispossibleto 50 to 60 hair roots transplantation
7- Also because of the minimum pain and fast recovery after the operation, thismethod is preferable.